UTCMP Policies

UTCMP Public Policies

The University of Tasmania Community Music Programme Trust is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission, and is governed by five Trustees, all of whom have been involved in the Programme for many years.

As at Nov 2023 these Trustees are:
Monte Mumford
Luke Beasley
Vanessa Clark
Nicholas Reaburn
Madeleine Postmus

The Trustees have developed Policies and Procedures to ensure fair and equal management of all participants of our music programme. The Policies and Procedures are in accordance with Australian Workplace Standards and Australian legislation, and clarify functions and responsibilities of all our participants, including staff and Trustees. They make clear what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in our shared activities, along with step-by-step processes of how cases of unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with.
Our Policies and Procedures will be reviewed annually but we encourage all participants to read these documents and to at any time comment or suggest alternatives or amendments for the Trustees consideration. New policies and procedures will continue to be developed, and we welcome suggestions or proposals in relation to these.

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Sexual Harassment

Conflict of Interest

Risk Management

Access and Equity


Volunteer Management