Audition Information – Symphonic Band

Symphonic Band
Audition General Instructions

  • Scales must be learnt ‘by heart’
  • Scales must be performed at the indicated tempo (check with your metronome)
  • Scales should be played both slurred or tongued as requested during your audition (practice doing both)
  • Audition works are selected from the Rubank Method books, which are available through Barratts Music in George Street and can also be purchased online. Symphonic Band audition works are selected from the Rubank Intermediate Method Book
  • It is essential that the Rubank works are carefully prepared as written. Technical considerations such as correct pitches, observance of key signatures and accurate rhythms are important. Check all stylistic and tempo markings. Observe all articulations and carefully consider the style of the work. Your ability to interpret the required works musically is also a consideration: Good tone, phrasing and appropriate dynamics should all be taken into consideration.
  • It is expected that people wishing to audition for Symphonic Band engage or have engaged in private tuition as part of their musical development. Private tutors have the capacity to significantly enhance your ability to play to the best of your ability and prepare you to meet the demands of these ensembles. Contact one of the UTCMP conductors for information on available tutors.

For more specific information relating to Symphonic Band auditions please download the document below.